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Ok. Maybe you have seen those commercials on TV about how high fructose corn syrup is not bad for us. All this means is that if we eat it every so often, or in moderation, it may not be bad for us, but the problem is that so much of the food out there is chocked full of the stuff. Moderation is almost impossible. So, I decided to begin looking at labels a little more closely. I had been concentrating on the calories, sodium, carbs, etc, but I wasn’t looking at the ingredients like I should. I found that even those things that I had no idea that had HFCS had it. There is a cracker I was reading the ingredients for and found that it had sugar, HFCS, AND corn syrup listed. It’s a cracker for crying out loud! It’s not supposed to be sweet! And, our family has long been a fan of Kellogg’s cereals, but HFCS were even found in the ones that are supposed to be ‘healthy’ for us. Why?

I know there are studies that say that there is no difference between regular sugar and HFCS, but I don’t think that is quite the case. The more additives we have in food the more problems we are going to have. Our bodies like to digest natural things and while HFCS can be argued to be natural, it is not as natural as sugar. I am here to tell you that I am not happy with what I see. I don’t need it in my bread or cereal. I don’t need it in my drinks. So, I have cut out as much of this as possible. There seems to be a correlation of problems with the heart and blood pressure compared to the amount of HFCS consumed. I have noticed spikes in my own blood pressure and am getting rid of most if not all of the HFCS to see if this might be the cause. So far, I have noticed a decline in blood pressure. Now this is not a formal study or anything, but it is cause for concern and something I will be watching.

Sticking to things that are homegrown is an excellent way to eat better, so Happy Gardening!

By the way, be aware that HFCS is being promoted like it is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. Be ware! You will probably find a link under this post telling how good it is and there is no danger. There ARE alternatives!

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