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Crazy Quilts

Countdown:  By my count, it is 45 more days until Sept 1. Yippy! That is so much better than when I first started keeping count. Unfortunately, the worst could be yet to come as far as heat goes. We often have 100 degree temps with high humidity at this time of year. It is not the norm, but the mid 90s are. My little veggie garden is suffering and some of my other annual flowers are looking a little ragged. My poinsettia looks wonderful!

CRAZY QUILTS:  Well, I have gotten about everything I need for my first ‘crazy quilt.’ I have never made one before because to tell the truth, I really like nice and neat repeating patterns. It could be my OCD showing through I suppose. Though crazy quilts are not usually batted, I am toying with the idea of using something, possibly interfacing (sew-in type), or something between the finished front and back, adding backing while finishing the edges so it can hang. I have seen some beautiful crazy quilts in the past several years, some pieced with lovely embroidered handkerchiefs and/or doilies, and most with beautiful stitching and adornments. I’m sure mine will not be as beautiful as others I have seen, but I look forward to doing this project as it takes me a bit out of my comfort zone. It may take me a while to get to this project, but I am really excited.

For more information about crazy quilts, there is some excellent information on the web. Some instruct that one must first begin with a 5-sided piece, but this is not true. The only thing needed is some imagination and willingness to experiment. As with traditional and contemporary quilting, the possibilities are almost endless. Good luck in your sewing endeavors and happy gardening in all that you do!


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