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While I was out getting batting today I could not resist stopping by the Thrift Store to see if there was anything they had that I could use – like I need more STUFF, right? I found some really flashy ties – yes, TIES. I have not shopped for ties there before, but I found two that are absolute gorgeous! I would have never guessed someone would make ties out of this material. If the spouse of the house turns his nose up at them (and I believe he will), I plan to add them to the selection of material for my crazy quilt(sssss). I still have to find the jeans I stashed away some time back, but it looks like I am good to go. I just need to get some other things taken care of and then I will nudge myself into taking the plunge. It is taking me a while to talk myself into doing this. It is almost like jumping off the high-dive except I do not know of what I am afraid. 

While waiting on someone today, I penciled out a new quilt design I plan to try out for a table topper….after I get the crazy quilt done first (I have trouble focusing on just one thing). I have to get the pattern pieces made and that will be ready to go.

Yes, it’s HOT! I think it’s time to make some good ole fashion lemonade. Yum-yum. I figure that I might as well make my time in the heat as enjoyable as possible. Happy Gardening to you!


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