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I am so excited! September begins this week and this symbolizes that cooler weather will be just around the corner. Yea!

Procrastinator at large – I have yet to get my crazy quilts up and going, but I have finished designs for several quilting projects. I have completed templates and patterns for at least 4 projects with several more in the works. One is a sailboat pattern, a flower pattern, a block pattern with blocks and triangles, and a coffee cup pattern. The coffee cup is an appliqué that I have cut out and am ready to do the stitching. Other projects include some Christmas offerings with some using the trapunto quilting technique. I like the way this looks though it does take some extra time. Other projects are still on the board and have yet to be transformed into patterns. One thing at a time.

I have also been busy making ribbon roses or flowers. I wanted to use some of these little flowers in my projects and thought it should not be so difficult to make them. After getting all of the material together, it is rather easy but it does take some time to sew. I could glue them using hot glue but they are much prettier when sewn and they will last longer without glue, too. They look so nice that someone wanted to purchase some of the flowers – so I have been making extras. There are many more things I have been involved with lately, and there is much to get done this month.

As far as my outdoor garden goes, I still have some plants that are blooming and others that are still looking beautiful, but I do not have any more vegetables. I cannot have everything, and I dare not complain. Great gardening to all!


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Just a few more days until Sept 1. Yea! Yippy! Hurray! I will begin a new calendar for the next 30 days of Sept, but I think for the most part, the 100 degree temps are a thing of the past for this year, or at least I hope so. It has been cooler recently, but we are still suffering from the ever-squeezing humidity coupled with low to mid 90 temps. The heat index is up there. I think the dew point has been ranging around 76 degrees making it feel like a rain forest except not all of us get rain every single day. I’m not complaining. We need the rain. Hurricane season is kicking up so we never know what to expect for the near future.

So, here’s to cooler temps and thoughts of a beautiful Fall garden complete with pansies, ornamental kale, chrysanthemums and such. Happy Gardening!

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Well, there are 20 more days until I start my new countdown calendar beginning Sept 1. We are headed back to the high 90s or 100s today through at least Friday. This weekend and next week are still up in the air depending on the tropics. Some are predicting cooler than average temps while others have middle to upper 90s on the board.

Hurricane season is revving up so there is no telling what type of weather we will have in September. I know that when we have a strong tropical system to pass close by, it tends to suck out all of the moisture in the air and we tend to get into drought situations. This is what has saved us this year because we have not had one to do this yet, but it looks like this might be changing.

Happy Gardening!

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We have had a reprieve from the high 90 degree temps as well as the 100s, but the humidity is awful – I cannot complain! Our summers are not usually this hot and when they are we usually don’t see any sign of rain for weeks. By the way, I count 26 more days until SEP 1. My outside garden is looking a little pathetic. My tomatoes quit blooming due to the heat so I don’t have many right now, and my petunias started looking really bad so I let them die out. I still have other plants that are doing well.

As for the garden inside, I still have not started on the crazy quilts but I am almost finished with a table runner. I quilted some flower motifs on it that look really good – I design everything I do. This is the first product with this pattern and I am not sure it is what I envisioned when I first began the project, but I like it. I have so many other projects I have to get busy with: the crazy quilts, more table runners, some wall hangings, etc. There is a sale at Jo-Ann’s this Friday, so I have to be there bright and early – I keep telling myself this is a necessity and not a want. Somewhere along the way I hope to convince myself.

Stay safe and Happy Gardening wherever you garden!


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