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Peanuts – ooooh so good!

Yum, yum! I grew up on a farm and we had peanuts mature around September. I could not wait until we boiled the first batch. Sure, I like peanuts about any way they come, but fresh picked and boiled just right is the best eatin’ in town, well to me that is. I really like the juicy ones and for those of you who do not know what that means…it is when the nut is actually a little smaller than the shell and after the peanuts have cooked and soaked long enough, the shell will fill up with the salt water the peanuts are cooked in. Pop one open and slurp out the juice before you eat the nuts – yum, yum! And, I like the nuts soft, not hard like you usually find at the roadside stands. The green peanuts I buy in the store these days are sometimes too old to cook to the stage that I love, but I will take what I can get and since I don’t live on the farm anymore. Yes, I will eat the ones from the store in a pinch. I almost cleaned the grocer out this week since it has been too hot to boil peanuts inside – I like them when the weather is changing anyway. I cannot imagine being allergic to such a great treat. My sympathies to the many people who cannot eat them – that’s ok, I’ll take your share (SMILE)!

Happy Gardening!

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