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I was so sorry to hear of Elizabeth’s Edward’s passing this morning. On one local news channel they were doing a piece about her and her cancer without mentioning that she had passed away while another local channel was covering the story up-to-date. I wondered just how long it would be before her death since the news broke that she would not be receiving any more cancer treatments, but I had no idea that it would be this short. I never met the lady and cannot testify to her character, good and/or bad, but she was an inspiration to so many women across the globe, in the face of cancer, then remission, then cancer again, and then on top of all that (if this was not enough) she faced not only her husband’s affair, then tape(s?) of said “lovemaking”, and then a child born of this union. The cancer is more than one should face. The affair is more than one should face. But, BOTH!?! REALLY!?!? It is not fair! We know life is not fair, but this lady could not get a break. And, do not even think of telling me that her husband was weak, blah, blah, blah; or it’s not his fault, blah, blah, blah….

A few days ago, I blogged about marriage infidelity (DEC 1: Paper Plates and Fine China; Fidelity – Infidelity). That posting is only the tip of the iceberg. Spouses that stray never consider what they do to their marriage partners. They only see what is in it for them whether a long “romance” or a sudden lack of discretion in the form of good judgment. As long as we are married, it should never be about one spouse over the other-we are in it together. Sure, we have to have separate lives, but that does not mean that we live separately. We cannot make it about ME, ME, ME. We have to put the other person first. It is easy to let one’s guard down; easy to be caught up in a whirlwind relationship that begins so innocent… Nothing is innocent. That is a given. Love between a married couple is so important, but commitment is the basis to which we should cling-always! And, keeping one’s guard up means guarding against putting one’s spouse and relationship at risk. Why would anyone do this? I know the answer, but we keep doing it knowing what is right and wrong like we just don’t care! This is not a game! We are not living a soap opera or some type of drama. If we would just exercise better self-control and give more attention to our spouses and relationships! Commitment, PEOPLE!!!!!

I am upset that Elizabeth Edward’s life was cut short due to the cancer that had ravaged her body. I sometimes wonder if she could have overcome this had she not been put in such a horrible situation where her mate (spouse) was not there through thick and thin but was off having fun at her expense. I’m having a hard time not hating men right now-a really hard time. I know women are also to blame, but there is such an acceptance that is Ok for a man….. Bull! As human’s we should love and care for one another. As marriage partners, we should honor our commitments to the letter. And, for those who believe that affairs do not count unless one (two) has sex, think again. Anyone or anything that you allow to come before and/or between your wife/husband is an affair. We have to treat each other as the most treasured items. Anything else is not acceptable.

So, here’s to Elizabeth! May she never suffer any more pain at the hand of anyone else or her body! She led a brave fight, and we could all learn from her, even men.


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