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I had planned to make quite a few things for Christmas but did not get even half-way down my list. I really like stuffed quilting/embroidery so I made these panels. Snowmen:




The bears are all hand-stitched, but the snowmen were mostly machine-stitched. I like the gold embellishments and embroidery highlights because they look extra special though I’m not sure how well these can be seen in this posting. Hangers for the snowmen are made of 20-gauged wire that I wrapped around a large dowel to give that swirl effect (removing the dowel, of course). For the bears, I used red and gold decorative braiding to bring out the colors.

I had planned on selling these and the mini crazy quilts, but I ended up handing them over to be sold to raise money for a restoration project at church. Whatever I did not get done for Christmas this year, I hope to have ready for next year, but then I have to start over again with a new list…

Happy Gardening!


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