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This is my latest project and the last one that I will get posted before Christmas. The idea was to make a quilted block wall hanging that looked like a cross comprised of stained glass with rays of light shining around it. I took it over to a friend’s house to get her opinion (before it was finished). That’s exactly what it looked like when she held it up to the light of the afternoon sun that was shining through her large living room window–mission accomplished without ever having to tell her. I love it when I do not have to explain a project. She liked it so much that I am giving it to her later on. This is a photo:


It does not show up as beautiful in this photo as when held up to the sun. And, I have to admit that I really had to learn to like this piece because I do not think it showed my best work (there should always be a learning curve-learning to improve), but that is what life is about. We have to train ourselves to see the true meaning and not accept things on face value. Many people are like that, too, and we must make that extra effort to see the jewel in the rough. As for this pattern, I will try some batik fabric next time to see how it will work, but that will not happen for a few weeks.

It seems that I always have something “in the works”-always something not finished. I design my own creations-sewing and other things, and I work on quilt blocks and designs for new projects in my ‘spare’ time 🙂 . I am not a fan of following someone else’s patterns (sewing plus other things) though I enjoy observing the works of others. I appreciate the time one spends on creating things that show a part them in their creations and not necessarily what they have picked up from others. While I like to learn new techniques and try out new things, I choose to follow my own visions-that’s the creative bug in me. I have always been this way-marching to my own tune. I do not jump on the latest bandwagon every time one pulls into town. When I begin a project, I can see what I want to create, and I am so overjoyed when the creation turns out better than what was envisioned.

Creative people understand this completeness one feels when a dream is realized. I think we all need dreams and following successes in order to move forward. Artsy people tend to reinvest this energy into their next project(s), and we need to celebrate with others for their effort and accomplishments. I also think we need to take time to appreciate our works, too. It should never be seeking to always make something bigger and better or to outdo. We need to stop and ‘smell the roses’ and enjoy what we have and the accomplishments we have made.

You may think my hand creations are not very meticulous or beautiful, but there is a secret behind them. I am right-handed and suffer from a malady that has caused my hand and arm to lose most of its feeling-I am in the initial stages of paralysis on that side. I cannot feel a needle in my grasp-and that’s when I am able to hold on to one. I have not mastered sewing left-handed (yet), but hand sewing is a two-handed situation. I rejoice and am thankful that I am able to do what I can and am so hopeful that my creations will give someone happiness somewhere along the way.

So, here is to good and healthy gardening in the quilt of life! Happy Gardening to all!


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