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About this time every year, whether it is real, imaginary, or somewhere in between, I hear voices, non-stop utterances that begin with, “I want..; I want..; I want..” Each year these voices get louder and almost overwhelming. I have to confess that I have contributed to the “I WANT..” rants and chants along the way and am ashamed of myself.

The true meaning of Christmas is not what one wants; it’s about what one gives. This is so important to remember, not the purchasing of gifts, but the giving of gifts from the heart. So many times, I have appreciated that gift that did not cost a thing more than a bright and shiny thing-a-ma-bob or do-hickie, but I admit that I have given that awkward stare when I heard that a tree was planted in my name.

While the voices are reaching a painful stage in my ears, I ask you to pause and search your heart-no matter what you believe or do not believe-and see what you can give to someone else that is a part of you-something from the heart. I also challenge us all to learn to appreciate the smallest of gifts like a hug from a friend or a pat on the shoulder from a fellow employee. Just take a moment to sit down, listen, feel, smell, and peer out as if looking through a new pair of glasses. Experience the beauty of life if just for a brief second……. And, please–don’t forget to thank those people who planted a tree in your name.

Happy Gardening!


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