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I am trying to decide on a plan of action for the next few months. There are some things I did not get finished last year – so many I did not get started – so, I have been browsing the ‘net’ trying to jumpstart my engines. It is hard to get going again right after the holidays. Seeing projects that others are doing really helps me get up and get busy. I found this great-looking quilt project called ‘Percy the Penguin’ by Denise Russart. I just love the colors she used and the texture of the fabrics! He is so bright at a time that can be so depressing for many people. Isn’t he so cute?

Then I stumbled on some flickr photos (lucia_panopintado) through someone’s blog:

Quilt  ; Quilt section 1 ; Quilt section 2 

Crazy quilted pillow 

Embroidered flower basket 

Now that my creative juices seem to be flowing again, it’s time to get a plan together!

I am not one to buy quilting books, but I bought a memory quilt book the other day that I hope I can pass down to one of my daughters. It has some terrific ideas. I have wanted to make a memory quilt for each of the girls and have been saving scraps of their clothes from their younger years. I did not want the quilts to be made just from scraps, and this book has given me some ideas that will help with that. Now is the time to get started (they are almost completely out of the house), so I think that will be the biggy project(s), with some quilted table runners made out of some spring-like material along the way. Then I plan to alternate back and forth with the pocket wall hangings (for cards and collectables) and crazy quilts. I have thought about making a crazy quilt pillow but did not know how it would turn out. I think I should do one to see, but I do not want to make it very big. I have come into some denim material that is being recycled from old jeans. I love to embroider on it, so I will have to see where that takes me, too. Someone has also given me some material that will work well in a baby nursery, so I may make some crib quilts or other nursery things.

So many things to do, so little time, but I need to have a plan of action before I go on. And, I need to stay out of the fabric stores as much as possible, but I need to get a darning needle for my sewing machine soon. I want to hand quilt for as long as possible, but I really do not know how much longer that will be. Well, it will be a busy 2011. Here is to creating some great projects while making wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Bonne chance mes amis! And, Happy Gardening all through the year!

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