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Flower Appliqué

Ok, here is the appliqué project I’m attempting to work on but am having problems getting to it right now. I haven’t done appliqué in a while, so there is somewhat of a learning curve until I get some practice down. The pattern is nothing intricate, but I love this flower!  I like the simpleness of it though it is not a true crocus. I think it is bright and cheery.


This is the practice one. I didn’t like the purple against the green stripes after I looked at it together, so I may go with pink for the next one. Hey, since it is not really a crocus I think it’s ok. I’ll experiment some more after I get this ready to quilt. I went back to get the rest of the green striped fabric and of course, it was all gone 😦 (sniff, sniff)! I should have known that would happen. I’m going tomorrow to see if I can find more at another store. Keep your fingers crossed.

Happy Gardening and may all of your flowers and fruits be bountiful and beautiful!


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