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True friends are rare jewels in the fibers of life. There is a lady who I do not see much anymore since she has moved away, but she fits into the category of TRUE FRIEND. I have found myself in some tough situations this past year or two and she has called me to cheer me up, offered to retrieve me and take me home to where she is today so I can just get away, and such. Rare is the friend I can call true, but she is one. Julia is such a kind, warm-hearted, and good-spirited person, and I love her dearly. She does many things, but one of the greatest things she does is write. She has a book out right now that I want to draw attention to. It’s called Stories of Yesterday (and the Day Before). She writes under the name of Julia Arrants. Be sure to check out her new website:  http://juliaarrants.com. The book is sold on the website, at Amazon, and other stores in the Savannah area and such. I hope that she will one day be able to commit all of her writings to audio with her reading them, but for now this will have to do. Julia, I feel honored to be able to call you friend. Best of luck! And, to everyone, Happy Gardening as you create new stories in your fabrics and gardens of life!


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