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It’s been a crazy day. We have a family friend who died 3 years ago today. She had a brain hemorrhage from an aneurysm, had surgery and was recovering but developed an infection.  She was the mother of my daughter’s best friend and was someone we figured would be around when I was gone. My daughter thought of her as her 2nd mom and even called her such. Life isn’t fair. Things don’t always happen as we plan. But, this is life. Every year, my daughter does something special for her friend and it was no different this year. It seems like it has been longer than 3 years because so many things have happened since she died. Our daughters have graduated high school and have done so many things, so many firsts. I feel guilty that it was her and not me though I do not want to die. Life is bittersweet. Many times we don’t get to choose what will happen. As I age, I lose more and more friends and people I have known through the years. Some are much younger than I. It doesn’t seem fair. Death seems so final, something that cannot be taken back, at least for most people. So, as I think about what today means to me, to my daughter, to my daughter’s friend and her family, I ask that we all take a look at life and learn to appreciate it more. Look at people and appreciate them for who they are and what they contribute. And, when morning comes, give a prayer of thanksgiving for what we have. Most of us are so blessed.

Happy Gardening in all of life!



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