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I change with the seasons though I may not always be in sync to the one I am in. Sometimes I like change-sometimes I don’t. As I age, my tastes change-not taste buds though. I changed my little avatar because I love these colors on this quilt top (that is still unfinished). These colors define me…for the moment. In a few days, if you follow my blog regularly, you will have the chance to read more about me-something I don’t publically share with others, but I feel compelled to do so.

Today is house cleaning day. With any luck, our household will become just a wee bit bigger tonight. I say this with a little apprehension. We are planning to adopt a kitty today. We haven’t had any cats in so long. Growing up, I had lots of cats. Everyone in the area thought my family were the caregivers of the world, I guess, and dumped their animals at our door. My mom named one Sweet Violet-he was a smoke and white colored cat. Little did we know she was really a he. He and another kitty were the our indoor cats. The other cat gave birth to 3 kittens at a time in my life when my parents were given the “bad” new about me (the upcoming story). One was a very special kitty named Charlie Brown. He became like a brother to me. Yes, I knew he was a cat, but I don’t think he knew. One of the cutest things he would do while I was at school during the day would be to take my smaller perfume bottles and lay them in the middle of my bed and then curl up with them. Can you believe it? This was not an easy feat as it took some time. There was so much he did that would make you question if he was really a cat, but he was so loving. I hope the kitty that comes home with us, if she comes today, will be just as sweet and adorable as Charlie Brown. Well, I must get to it.

Happy Gardening and may your pets love you as much as you love them!



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