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Sad news came again today. My husband’s friend who has been in the nursing home just recently because of his advanced stages of Alzheimer’s died this morning. It’s been another wild week-things don’t happen that you expect and things happen that you don’t expect. Part of the memory quilt postings (some that I have yet to post) have to do with this friend. Death is never easy to ‘digest’ even when we know it is coming, but we must celebrate the memories of the past, his life, and realize that he is not in pain anymore.

This friend was a judge. He was still active at over 80 years of age, and his wife was at his side until the very last. My husband would pick him up and take him to the jail to do hearings and then take him back home—that was before the judge retired not long ago. Other judges made the city transport the inmates to the courthouse and back rather than they visit the jail, but that’s another story. The two grew close – almost a dad and son relationship, so this is difficult. If you are a spiritual person, I ask for a prayer for the judge’s family. Even to the last, this friend recognized my husband when he didn’t recognize his family. We knew this was coming, but it hurts just the same.

On a happier note, we are the proud owners of a kitty. We didn’t get him until this morning, but he is adjusting nicely. Everyone liked this one the best, so he is our newest member of our family. Photos will be posted at a later date.

Happy Gardening and please tell your friends and family how much they mean to you. Thank you!



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