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A Forsythia bush located in a neighbor’s yard was in full bloom the first week of FEB. It gets full sun most of the day. This is a sure sign of spring. Forget the groundhog; he only re-acts according to his shadow. Plants are a whole different story. The Jonquils and Daffodils have been waking up the past 2 weeks and the pollen from some of the trees is really in overdrive this week (sniff, sniff).  We could not buy 2 warm days together until April of last year. I liked it because I love cool (even cold) weather! We have a few visitors (1000s) in the big city in April and the plants were not in full bloom-the first time I can remember in over 20 years. In fact, when it gets too hot before the visitors arrive, some of the plants are iced down to keep the blooms from popping open-yeah, that’s a lot of ice. It’s a very big thing for everyone around.

So, spring is almost here-more anticipation for this month. It can still get cold (even snow-rare occurrence in March), but once the Pecan trees start to green up there is little likelihood of freezing temps. When I was young, I was told not to go barefoot before then. We are not there yet, but we have had so much warmth this month that the fruit trees’ buds are getting close to opening-not good if we have freezing temps. There is still quite a bit of agriculture around.

It’s been a bad winter for most of the country-I loved it here though we could have gotten more snow in my opinion. I hope that everyone has a great spring and is ready to get out and tend to those gardens even if it is a one-pot garden. Isn’t it exciting? I hate to say goodbye to the cold temperatures (I hate heat!) but I love to see the bounty that awaits from blooms to fruits. Happy Gardening in all that you do!

BTW, I think the ice people will be in full mode next month, so don’t be surprised if it the city is not as beautiful as usual again this year-this time because the plants are beyond their peak. That’s ok because nature sets its own timetable.



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