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It’s March!

Crocus by guy_mercier2000ca @ webshots

Around here that means everyone is cleaning inside and out, painting and doing updates and repairs to their houses. When I was little, March meant that everything got washed and was hung on the line to dry-all of the big bedspreads and rugs, too. All of the summer clothes were unpacked, washed, and hung to dry. The house was opened and aired out. Today, I open our house as little as possible in the spring after the pollen arrives-there seems to be more pollen yet we live where there are less trees and bushes and the pollen count is already high right now.

I’m still working on my quilted table cover (the appliquéd flower). I’m doing an echo design around the flower with a vine design in the yellow sashing. I’m considering a fan design for the green border…. I should be finished with this, but there is so much going on… CAT NEWS – We took Simon to the vet yesterday for a shot and weigh-in. This was his first trip with us, and he did great-absolutely no problems. We are still adapting.

Dark clouds seem to be still looming-a lady in my Sunday school class lost her daughter yesterday. There was nothing the docs could do for her because her body just shut down so they turned off life support. She was about my age and had a child the same age as my youngest daughter. I thought this would be a new month-no death-no sorrow. My hope is that the clouds will soon disappear making room for sun-filled days (not weather wise-we need the rain).

Last night, we had storms come through and lost power for a short bit-all before midnight, so I’m not sure if one could say that March came in like a lion. Today is much better with temps closer to where they are supposed to be (much cooler-so nice!), so I tend to think March came in more like a lamb. May your March be fruitful inside and out and everywhere in between. Happy Gardening!



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