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From long ago

Churn Dash quilt made by my grandmother and great-aunt

In my searching for items to be included in the memory quilt projects I decided to pull out the other two old quilts I have that came from the old farm. It’s been ages since these have been unfolded-I know that’s bad. One is a churn dash pattern. It has some stains that I cannot get out but is in good shape otherwise. Most of the blocks were carefully cut and pieced “correctly” but it appears the maker(s) must have run out of pieces and had to make do with what they had. This quilt will fit a full size bed. It doesn’t have a border-just sashing which appears to have come from one piece of material with a border of people- outside sashing on one side.

I assume this was meant to be the top, maybe?


Then there was this surprise…

Do you notice what’s out of place? I can’t ask anyone about it, but it seems odd that the block wasn’t taken apart and re-sewn especially since it is at the corner of the quilt. Nothing is perfect in life so why should quilting be any different? I had planned to hang this quilt on the big stairwell wall in our house, but there is too much afternoon sun.

"Crazy" pieced quilt by GM & GA

The other quilt has some holes but cannot be repaired without losing the character of the quilt. The character is why I kept it. It is not traditional, but it is block style-looks almost like a crazy quilt without the embroidery or extra details or embellishments. Pieces seem to have been sewn together to make the blocks. It is twin size but may have been used on the sofa at the old farmhouse. There is an interesting color variation between the blues, browns, and red, and it looks darker than these photos.

My mom had most of the things from the old farmhouse stored in our house in the country. I was on my own by then living a few hours away. She had gotten an apartment in town but would make trips back and forth to stay in the country. Sometime while she was in town, someone broke in and stole all of the antiques that had been handed down from both sides of the families-what had not gone with her. They almost destroyed everything else, and if it wasn’t chained down they took it…even giant rocks were taken (you never know). I went to salvage what I could, but very little was left. A wardrobe (not an antique at the time) was there with the quilts inside under some bed sheets. I had to throw one quilt away-broke my heart. Little varmints had shredded it to pieces. That was long ago, but today I have 3 quilts that I can pass on to the next generation. I am pretty sure they were made before 1950 but exactly when is a question I cannot answer. I thought I would share some of the hand quilting passed down in the family. Happy Gardening!



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