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Hmmm… Am I a quilter or just a person who sews? Am I a crafter or an artist? Yep! That’s who I am. I am a mom, a cook, a cleaner (well, not so much any more like I used to be), a gardener, and have served as primary caregiver for a parent and grandparent (not to mention children), etc. I have repaired things like washing machines and sewing machines though the new ones are beyond my scope. I can design patterns and build many things from different sorts of materials. I have taught mathematics and how to write computer programs (before windows) and lots of other wonderful things, but is there one thing that describes me? No. I do not have a specialty.

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When I was young, I raised chickens on the farm and sold eggs in my great-uncle’s store. We were never short of eggs, but I was not a business type of person. I later went into the restaurant business of sorts. I enjoyed it but hated it a lot, too. I have always wanted to do something that was different-not feeling tied to the same thing every day like what my 2 college degrees can do for me (I am not bashing college). Even after 50, I feel like I am still searching for my niche in life because I don’t know where I fit in, what my ONE specialty is.

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I think this may stem because I don’t really want to be a leader but I don’t always like to follow either. I like originality and creativity. This is when I feel my best, complete; when I feel accomplished. I think most of us want to have this feeling of accomplishment, to be acknowledged for our talents-at least our efforts. I have such a love for natural beauty and talents of others. As we mature, we learn new things like weaving them into a basket. The more we learn, the bigger-and perhaps more intricate-the basket.

So, what is your talent, your specialty in life? Do you have one, two, or … too many that you don’t know? Happy Gardening in everything you do!



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