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Patterns and such

This is the pattern I came up with for a baby quilt using some of the material given to me by one of the people at church. This is basically what I want it to look like but I already know there will be some tweaking. 

I am considering machine quilting this one-I want it finished before April. The material is a mixed lot-some knit and flannel added to some cottons. Sometimes, you use what you have, and this is one of those times. I probably won’t add a border but either bind it as usual or sew the edges wrong side out, turn, and then quilt. I don’t want to machine quilt if I do it this way. I’ll wait and make that decision later.

While I was doing some design work on the computer, I started playing with hexagons-thanks, Deb. Check out the link to see her beautiful hexagon quilts. It seems more people are doing hex quilts these days-I am chicken or have been so far-maybe later this year… It may be a long commitment. Probably the most popular hex quilt is Grandmother’s Flower Garden (there is a variation of one below). But, what other options are there? There are quite a few, but this is just what I was playing with this weekend.

Grandmothers Flower Garden variation






Hexagon Geometric Design

Hexagon Pattern


Interlocking Rings Table Runner

Have a good week, and Happy Gardening!


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