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some of the prayer quilts

Without getting into much background, I want to give an account of what quilting can do. A new women’s group in my church was trying to find focus and purpose a few years ago-you know, what we could best do for others. Some women were interested in making prayer shawls-where people get together and pray as they knit or crochet, but most of us didn’t knit or crochet any more-some never did. So, why not quilt? That was someone’s response. The purpose was for us to come together to do something for others while spending time in prayer for them-those who are sick and in need and such. The quilts were nothing fancy, no piecing, just cutting, sewing, and tying, but they were beautiful (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder). They were given to members who were shut in or who could not be an active part of our church family. The quilts were to give comfort in the quilt itself and as a token for the receiver to know someone cared about them and was praying for them. One was given to a friend who was going through cancer treatment. She said that it meant so much to have something we made especially for her and to know we were praying for her. When I told others what we were doing, they said oh, you should make quilts for this and for that and such. They didn’t see it for what it was meant to be. And, sometimes it seemed that we-the group-became more focused on the outcome (the product) than the gift-the gift of prayer and selflessness that drew us together in the first place. 

When we focus on the material outcome rather than the person and the thought of the gift we lose sight of what is truly important. I think life has become more like that. We focus on the tangible part of a gift (or life) rather than the thought of sacrifice, the thought of selflessness, and the thought of true love. As the calendar makes a turn toward the religious season, you will notice that my posts will focus more of a giving nature and less on quilting or gardening one though it will all be woven together. We need to remember that the seeds we sew today will be the fruits we reap tomorrow no matter the theme or circumstance.  

Happy Gardening and may your seeds be healthy and plentiful!



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