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I thought I would share photos of some of the ribbon roses I began making last year. I use them on quilting projects and such to add dimension and to give a project that extra flair.

Ribbon Roses

This is what I use to make them. It is a ‘plastic’ yarn needle usually sold in packs of two.

Susan Bates Luxite Plastic Yarn Needles 2 3/4"

Yarn needles from Joann's website


I cut off the very end of the eye so that it forms a fork (cut too much and it will not work well). I got the idea from this website (down the last few times I checked) where they suggest a metal needle. I broke several good ones before thinking of these yarn needles. I like them better because I don’t have to worry about sticking myself with the point. I sew the roses with matching thread so there is no discoloration (from glue) or disassembly later, and the back of the rose is finished so that it is easily attatched to projects. All of these have leaves, but I frequently use them without leaves.

There is a variety of colors I can use and I can decide on just how large (wide) or small a rose I want to make. With the variation of ribbon widths, I can make smaller roses-I like the small ones because they are dainty enough to use in dried flower arrangements and such.

Happy Gardening!

UPDATE:  These are a few samplings of what I have used my roses in… my favorite mini-crazy quilt; ducky crazy quilt; sunny crazy quilt; and the flower that I used for my icon before the crocus quilt. There are more, but these are the photos I have uploaded so far. Thanks, Lillian for asking.



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