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Life and death

Beautiful Chrysanthemums

This is a dark day. The cousin who was in the trauma unit has passed away. Thanks for all of the prayers and concerns and know they were not in vain. His family had the opportunity to spend some time with their loved one before he died. For those of you who have lost loved ones so quickly-without notice-this was a blessing for them to digest the events (somewhat) and to prepare for a possible goodbye. Just think if he was killed in the accident, gone in an instant. I don’t think we are ever truly ready to say goodbye, not if we have so much to live for, have so many things to do, have so much anticipation, but we get a chance to prepare…we are able to prepare for what may lay ahead. We all know we will die someday, but it is never easy saying goodbye.

Happy Gardening and I hope you can reflect on life a bit and realize just how precious each life is!



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