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I have been sewing by machine since I was a teenager-learning on my grandmother’s treadle machine after she had passed away (See Sewing, Quilting, & Recycling – Part 1 [22 JUN 2010]). It made the most beautiful stitches. Boy, do I miss that baby! Of course it was one of things stolen from our country home. When I moved out my own (about 30 years ago), my mom gave me a new machine, and it’s the same trusty machine I use today. I have thought about getting a new one, but I plan on using this one for as long as I can keep it going. It’s been very trustworthy and is an extension of me.

My interest in sewing was peaked when I took sewing/crafting classes not long after I got my new machine. They proved to be invaluable because I was challenged in areas outside of my comfort zone. Later, I made so many things for the girls when they were little-mostly because I had to but later because I really enjoyed creating and designing things. As my children outgrew their clothes, I put things to the side including scraps from some of the dresses and other things I made for them. I remember the joy my mother had making things for me. I guess that played a big part in my desire to continue that tradition.

Some of the dresses I made for my daughters years ago

It is these things and others that I want to use in my memory quilting project for my girls. I am designing a quilt for each girl so that they will have a part of their childhood to keep. I don’t want the quilts to be very large so they can display them on a wall or can store them away. The first thing I set out to do was to find all of the clothes and scraps I wanted to use. I could only locate the dresses at first and thought I would have to cut them up 😦 but I found the mother lode a few weeks ago :). What a relief! The photo above was taken when I first started this back in JAN-before I found the rest of the clothes and things.

I am not exactly sure what designs or patterns I want to use but possibly a block format having a different color and/or activity theme for each block. Sashing can be new material or made from their clothes or scraps. The batting will be polyester or a poly mix because it hangs better. As the project continues to take shape I will post ideas and progress. This is a long term project and will not be accomplished in a week or two. It is a journey that will progress as times goes along. The goal is to have the quilts finished by Christmas (this one)-at least I want the tops pieced together. And, the gifts are not just the quilts themselves but the whole process of getting to my finished goal. My memory quilt postings will be printed and given with the quilts. Just like life, this memory quilt project really is a journey and a gift of love made from things that were made originally out of my love for them to begin with (sniff) :).

Happy Gardening and may you have the opportunity to keep your special memories alive for the future.



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