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Part 2 – Good Stewardship

Active listening is part of good stewardship, period. Other traits, talents, and capabilities are needed, but genuinely caring for one another is important. I don’t think one can be a good steward without the ability to hear=listening, and words like selflessness, humility, and selfless love are important in meaning. Not one of is perfect but we must keep trying to be better – and we cannot give up and settle. We have some problems in my church because there are some who put such focus on worship and forget that church is so much more. Someone said it best in an article I read not long ago when they said that as individuals we do fine but as a group we fail. I agree, but do we have to?

My church has an aging member population that has many needs-physical, financial, spiritual, etc. Our women’s group was trying to identify and answer some of those needs because there was a real lacking-a need-a great big whopping HOLE. When I got the courage to raise this issue with some of the leaders, they said someone has to tell them when a need arises. This is true to some extent but I think leaders need to be aware of the members and be in contact with them to know when things arise, when there are problems, and what they can do to give support. It’s called good stewardship. They don’t see this as their job (they said so). Many do not seem to care unless you are there at worship to put money into the pot. I take issue with this! I really do! We should all care for one another especially when families are having difficulties of any sort. And, we should not expect others to do things we are not willing to do.

So, I ask that you reach out to someone today, perhaps someone you haven’t checked on in a while or better yet, someone you have not reached out to in the past even if it is just to say, Hi, how are you doing? but … be prepared for a response and encourage one.

Happy Gardening and may the seeds you sow today yield good fruits for you to reap tomorrow!



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