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Part 3 – Good Stewardship

Walking in the shoes of others is a frequent topic in my blog. If you want to read more you can check out these from last year, Have you walked in the shoes of someone else lately? and Humility, selfless love, and forgiveness. When we walk in the shoes of others we can better see what someone else is going through. It is a time of reflection. We may not be able to see all of the things in one’s past or future, but we can see a glimpse of the present but only if we take time to try. We tend to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good. I am guilty of this as well. It is human nature to be this way; call it survival, but as a caring humans we need to include others (not to give our egos a boost).

In first grade (going back a ways), there was a girl in my class who wasn’t in my immediate friend group basically because she sat on the other side of the room. One day, not long after we came back from lunch she asked the teacher if she could use the restroom. The teacher reminded her that she had time to go during lunch and if she went ‘now,’ she would have to give up her recess time later. The girl didn’t want to stay in so she tried to wait. Later, a puddle started to form around the girl’s desk. I felt so sorry for her, especially since people were laughing at her. I loved my first grade teacher and through the years I have wondered if there was anything that she could have done to have a better outcome.

When bad things happen, most of us empathize for others while some will say, “Better them than me.” How we treat others matters both publically and privately. What we say also matters. Walking in the shoes of others gives us a chance to see a different perspective. While me may not agree with others, we need to understand where they are in life; what issues they face. Please know that one’s glimpse into another’s life is only as accurate as someone’s willingness to share with you about his or her life. I urge you to find shoes belonging to people that you can walk in, and no, I don’t mean this literally. We all have something to give and we will all need something one day. Understanding helps us do that.

Happy Gardening and may you choose and hewn the tools that make you better individuals no matter what you do in life!



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