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On the way home

by veralebail @ webshots

On the way home the other day we stopped in Chattanooga or Nooga as my daughter refers to it. We had a nice lunch and visited a fascinating book store. There are several bad reviews about the owner and store, but I found her very nice, hospitable, and helpful. I love looking at old books-seeking treasures that only I would find special. I got through the entire store before I realized how much rug yarn she had-didn’t even see it! I didn’t find any books that I had to have but I bought some yarn-wish I had gotten more (there’s a story). She also had some old quilting fabric for a good price, but if I bought some there I would not be able to shop this weekend. I was very pleased with my purchase and with the older lady.

It’s true that she is rather short with people as she tries to get her point across. Many have remarked how mean she is, but I think she is just trying to make a living with what she has. She has so many obstacles in her way. Also, I wonder if people who visit are more in the “what do you have-let me get it and run” mode and do not take time to rub the dust off in order to see the real beauty. Just like when I first entered, I was so focused on BOOKs, but look what I left with – YARN! My day was blessed, and I hope hers was, too.

Happy Gardening and may your life be blessed every single day!



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Mountain Redbuds in March

I got back late last night from our trip-about 7 hours away northward. It wasn’t really a pleasure trip but we had fun while we were there and on the way back. We had wonderful weather! It was soooo NICE! The area is at least a month behind-season wise. About the only thing I saw blooming was forsythia and redbuds. Back home we have azaleas blooming, dogwoods have been open for about a week, and some bearded irises are beginning to bloom-one of my favorite flowers especially the purple ones. The pine tree pollen (yellow cloud) has peaked but we need several rains to wash it away. Most of the preparations are being finalized for the big week-signs are up and street cleanup is in overdrive. Next, we’ll see those little ‘mobile carts’ appearing in front of every business with street vendors coming into town next week. I like the excitement building up to the event but I hate the crowds. All of the schools take their spring break because the area gets so congested and so many people are needed to help do things. Speaking of which…I have lots to do before I get back to my quilting.

As I traveled this week, I could see the differences of spring awakening just like covers slowly being pulled back. Trees, flowers, and bushes stir from their winter slumber revealing their new-sprung beauty. It is an excellent time for us to reflect on ourselves for a minute so that we might too shed the old dry outer covering to reveal our true inner beauty.

Happy Gardening in everything you do!


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