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At the retreat the other week we had a session on Hands which included a part about the importance of hands and how we use them in our daily walk; exercise and massage therapy for hands; scripture about hands; and how to ‘make’ a special lotion to use on our hands. The lotion was comprised of 30 oz baby lotion; 16 oz cream with aloe; 24 oz cream with vitamin E; and 10 drops of Rose Oil. You can actually mix the amounts you desire and add the fragrance you want. We were instructed to whip (to add air) the lotions and fragrance together and then pour into the containers of our choosing.

During the session, we paired up and massaged the hands of our partner. This may seem trivial, but listening to someone read poetry or enjoying relaxing music while you do this is so refreshing. This is really good for those of us who suffer from arthritis. As I remember back, I used to do this for my mom before she passed away. She suffered from osteo and debilitating RA – she lost 2 fingers due to RA. This was something she really enjoyed, and I wish I had done this more because it was something she really loved.

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is willing to pair up with you to do this every so often. Perhaps you have an older relative or friend who can benefit from this. You really don’t have to make new lotion-there are some good ones on the market already. This is very good therapy for you AND someone else.

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