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The redo book or altered book as it is called is another project we got involved with at our little retreat. Personally, I am a member of the book police-you know, calling attention to dog-eared pages and such, but I put all of that aside for the moment. The idea is to create a scrapbook of sorts or personal journal using this book. I was skeptical at first, but I liked it because if one is careful in his or her choice of books, he/she can use writings in the book as part of the journal to help tell the story of memories, thoughts, and reflections. For example:  say you want to save mementoes of a love relationship with your spouse or significant other, you may want to choose a book about romance, weddings, poetry, or such. It’s all up to you. Perhaps the book will tell of a journey (not necessarily geographical-maybe spiritual).
We were provided with some older books from which to choose. Then we stamped in our books, punched, and embossed. We used special papers and stickers for decoration. I even made tabs to mark certain pages in the book. I also added some of the little things from the retreat to help remind me of our time that day. One can even add 3-D objects cutting outlines through several thicknesses of pages with an exactor knife. Just like a memory quilt or traditional scrapbook, make it yours by creating something new. I was a scrapbook-er way before scrapbooking was made popular with so many decorative papers, stamps, and such. I saved various things like receipts, chopsticks, napkins, movie ticket stubs, concert tickets, notes and cards, etc. I still have those scrapbooks from many years ago. They tell a story and bring back so many memories.
The altered book project or redo book idea is special even if it is “defacing” a book. It gives an old book new purpose, and it sure is a lot better than throwing the book away. The cover can also be decorated or changed. It’s whatever the creator wants. Just be careful in choosing a book. Some books are not made to last with pages fading and deteriorating not long after purchase-just be aware. Maybe you have an old book that you are planning on getting rid of. Why not try this out? It is a way to save part of the old with memories of the past. I like that! I like that a lot! And, it doesn’t take a LOT of money-just be creative and don’t try to limit yourself.
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by taleofahare @ webshots

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