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Cats are so smart


I have a wall-like entertainment center that we have our TV and stereo on/in along with a host of other things like books and such. It sits diagonally in a corner of the living room due to the way the room is set up. I have some things like photo albums stored behind the entertainment center but you cannot get back there. If you have ever thought cats were smart, you are right. Simon, not knowing there was anything behind the center, has been determined on getting back there. Strange. A baby or small child would not think anything about it because you cannot see behind it, but Simon has been doing everything he can to get back there—trying to tunnel under and around, climb over, and physically go through the walled in part. It’s the strangest thing. You can see his brain working and it works harder when you tell him, NO. In that sense he is worse than a child because he wants his way no matter what. Right now, he’s having fun watching the birds outside. He gets so animated watching them, raring back on his hind feet. He reminds me of a kangaroo he does it so well. He does this when we are playing with him, too. Well, he must be tired of watching. He’s now taking a bath. I never knew he could get so dirty watching those birds. 🙂

Happy Gardening and may all of your wants and desires come to fruition.


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