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I’m feeling better but my allergies are uncontrollable-I’m miserable. Taxes are done, and I am taking a breather before jumping into the next few projects (arts, crafts and quilting) that were supposed to be completed some months ago. My compulsive behavior gnaws at me, but I try to deal with it by practicing patience and being thankful for all of my many blessings. There is a story in our Sunday school book (I like these stories-there are usually 3 or 4 a quarter). This one was written by Ronald G Davis and begins,

Had my mountain grandmother been ‘Holy Roman’ rather than ‘Holy Roller,’ she would have long since been designated ‘St Lydia.’ She saw the hand of God in every event and was always ready to give him the praise. A devoted quilter, she had the pin-pricked finger that were part of the avocation. Yet a needle-in-finger always elicited a ‘Praise the Lord!’ or ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ Those were confusing reactions to a small child running by.

The story continues with the child asking Grandma why such utterances. Grandma’s reply, ” ‘ Well, child, I’m glad God lets my fingers still work and feel. If they didn’t, I couldn’t quilt.’ “  What a great way to see things!

Sometimes it is difficult to see the good things when we are trudging through so many ‘bad’ things, but there are people who see the good in everything and not just when things are going great. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes a good bit of practice. We have so many blessings though sometimes it is hard to depict the jewels in the rough. Training one’s self is essential. Our lady’s group use what we call Blessing Boxes to help us practice giving thanks for good times and bad. Each lady has a box decorated with blessings, sayings, and Bible verses that we use to collect blessings-small coins. Pictures of my girls are on the sides of my box. It looks like a bank but it is so much more. Every time I feel blessed in a good way I add coins to the box. I also add coins in times of trouble because I know God is with me. The group combines these blessings once a quarter in a special ceremony and they are used in a project for someone else. This way our blessings become blessings for someone else.

I may not say, “Praise the Lord!” or “Thank you Jesus!” every time I prick my finger, but I try to see the positive in things. And, I try to be thankful for everything-the good and the bad. It’s not always easy, but no one ever promised me a life of easy.

Happy Gardening and may all of your blessings be plentiful and good!



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