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9-patch quilt top


This is another quilt top from the same friend I posted about yesterday.

I’m unsure who made this, but it looks ok in some places. But, then you have this:

I was so upset when I found this part. There are some problems with some of the seams, but I love the block colors-just not pieced together like this. I am not sure what I want to do with this project, so I am putting it aside for now. More than likely I will pull out the 9-patch blocks and add sashing.

I will share more of the quilt tops in the coming days.

Happy Gardening with all of your projects.



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What’s next?

I have decided that I need to work on some of the things (fabrics and incomplete projects) that I have received from others. I like creating my own designs and projects but I cannot let these go or else they will just add to my “clutter.” I also know that there is work I need to get done on my memory quilts-will have to wait until later.

A friend gave me some quilt tops that are “in need” and some cannot be finished “as is.” The first one has 8-pointed star blocks with sashing that really does not go with the blocks.

The stars were hand-pieced from scraps (possibly feedsack and/or clothing) some years before the sashing was added. I want to remove the blocks and add some solid colors to help the stars stand out.

The current plan is to make pillows or pillow covers so each block will have a colored border with a coordinated or matching ruffle. I plan to use flannel for the batting and colored thread to help the star points stand out even more.

The friend who gave me this stash of projects with fabric and such has two daughters and hopefully, I can make at one least pillow cover with pillow insert for each of them including the friend. Wish me luck on this project. I will wait to share info on the other projects for another day.

Happy Gardening and may you find time each day to work on projects that are pleasing to you and others!


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I’m feeling better but my allergies are uncontrollable-I’m miserable. Taxes are done, and I am taking a breather before jumping into the next few projects (arts, crafts and quilting) that were supposed to be completed some months ago. My compulsive behavior gnaws at me, but I try to deal with it by practicing patience and being thankful for all of my many blessings. There is a story in our Sunday school book (I like these stories-there are usually 3 or 4 a quarter). This one was written by Ronald G Davis and begins,

Had my mountain grandmother been ‘Holy Roman’ rather than ‘Holy Roller,’ she would have long since been designated ‘St Lydia.’ She saw the hand of God in every event and was always ready to give him the praise. A devoted quilter, she had the pin-pricked finger that were part of the avocation. Yet a needle-in-finger always elicited a ‘Praise the Lord!’ or ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ Those were confusing reactions to a small child running by.

The story continues with the child asking Grandma why such utterances. Grandma’s reply, ” ‘ Well, child, I’m glad God lets my fingers still work and feel. If they didn’t, I couldn’t quilt.’ “  What a great way to see things!

Sometimes it is difficult to see the good things when we are trudging through so many ‘bad’ things, but there are people who see the good in everything and not just when things are going great. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes a good bit of practice. We have so many blessings though sometimes it is hard to depict the jewels in the rough. Training one’s self is essential. Our lady’s group use what we call Blessing Boxes to help us practice giving thanks for good times and bad. Each lady has a box decorated with blessings, sayings, and Bible verses that we use to collect blessings-small coins. Pictures of my girls are on the sides of my box. It looks like a bank but it is so much more. Every time I feel blessed in a good way I add coins to the box. I also add coins in times of trouble because I know God is with me. The group combines these blessings once a quarter in a special ceremony and they are used in a project for someone else. This way our blessings become blessings for someone else.

I may not say, “Praise the Lord!” or “Thank you Jesus!” every time I prick my finger, but I try to see the positive in things. And, I try to be thankful for everything-the good and the bad. It’s not always easy, but no one ever promised me a life of easy.

Happy Gardening and may all of your blessings be plentiful and good!


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I’m starting to feel a little better though I’m still not 100%. It’s taking an awfully long time to get over this and I won’t even tell you what happened to my ribs. As posted earlier, I am so behind with tons of stuff including my taxes. I don’t mean to procrastinate, but I find that I do it well especially when I feel bad. Friends from church got worried yesterday since I haven’t been there in 2 weeks-they thought I was on the mend. Two Sundays ago, I knew I couldn’t make it and got someone to teach my class, but yesterday I had my lesson all ready to go but could not get up because I didn’t get to sleep due to a terrible headache. The headache is still lingering like unwanted in-laws…not that my in-laws would ever be considered unwanted  😉 .

It’s nice to be missed. When I first started teaching this class (of which I was volunteered for), I did not feel that I really fit in. I was the youngest not counting my daughters. The rest of the class is at least 15 years older than me with a few approaching 80 or already there. I’m the type of person who really likes good conversation in class, especially when I’m not the teacher. I think we learn more when we are active listeners or participants and that goes for everyone and not just the individual who wants interaction. This class is not like that-has never been that way for as long as I can remember – back to the mid 1980s and I have a feeling it has always been this way since the beginning. This was difficult at first for me. I want it to be fresh and exciting for every single lesson though I feel that I don’t quite meet my expectations. I just hope I keep meeting theirs plus some. Next week, I have to be there for class because I love this lesson, “Praise the Lord” from Mark 11. I will blog about it later, but for now, I have a powerpoint to finish for tomorrow night plus some other things before heading to bed.

Happy Gardening and may everyone have a productive week.


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by Erik S Lesser for AFP-Getty Images

The massive remote Putzmeister concrete pumper that left ‘here’ a while back before being retrofitted for its new mission in Japan (see Humongous-Plus!) leaves Atlanta today, but it was loaded onto a smaller Russian jet-the An 124 not the An 225. The An 225 is about 50 feet longer, but cargo space of the 124 would do. These monster airplanes don’t fly cheap. I just like seeing these things, and you can check it out at youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyZWHmlnFnA   – I hope the link works. It looks like a snake swallowing his prey.

It has taken a long time to get this thing to Japan but it is quicker than building a new one. I only hope that this pumper and the others being flown in can help take care of the problem and not just by adding more water to the mix if you know what I mean. Life is not simple anymore. Big solutions must be used to handle big problems. I just think it’s neat that this was in my backyard. What a thrill it must have been to see that plane up close! Oh, well.

Happy Gardening and may all of your dreams be fulfilled.


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Cats are so smart


I have a wall-like entertainment center that we have our TV and stereo on/in along with a host of other things like books and such. It sits diagonally in a corner of the living room due to the way the room is set up. I have some things like photo albums stored behind the entertainment center but you cannot get back there. If you have ever thought cats were smart, you are right. Simon, not knowing there was anything behind the center, has been determined on getting back there. Strange. A baby or small child would not think anything about it because you cannot see behind it, but Simon has been doing everything he can to get back there—trying to tunnel under and around, climb over, and physically go through the walled in part. It’s the strangest thing. You can see his brain working and it works harder when you tell him, NO. In that sense he is worse than a child because he wants his way no matter what. Right now, he’s having fun watching the birds outside. He gets so animated watching them, raring back on his hind feet. He reminds me of a kangaroo he does it so well. He does this when we are playing with him, too. Well, he must be tired of watching. He’s now taking a bath. I never knew he could get so dirty watching those birds. 🙂

Happy Gardening and may all of your wants and desires come to fruition.

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I subscribe to receive the weekend edition of my newspaper. I used to receive the daily one for years on end, but problems with one of the carriers years ago prompted me to go to the weekend only-actually I tried to change to the Sunday edition but the paper threw in Friday and Saturday for the same price. Since it is Masters week, we are supposed to get a bonus paper every day through the end of the tournament and then the special edition on Monday with the winner of the green jacket. It is now Thursday and I have not received the first bonus paper from this new carrier though I keep calling to complain. I don’t like to complain. I like everything to go smoothly with as few bumps in the road as possible.

Back when I had to go out of state to take care of my grandma some years ago, a nice man from the paper came and put my newspaper box up. I thought everyone should get one if this was the case with the nice customer service and the fact that I didn’t have to pay anything extra. A few papers can fit nicely without being scattered on the lawn or having to call to stop the paper…that’s if you can the carrier to put the paper in the box. 😐

I have had some great carriers over the years but they are very few and very far between. It’s a tough job. I understand, but leaving the paper in the street is always a bad sign and that’s what we had a few years ago-could not get mine in the box, ever, and people had to dodge papers when driving down the street-the person could not get them on the driveway. I called and complained and complained to no end trying to get this changed. Finally the person moved on or got fired-can’t remember.

Well, my paper just came. The district manager just brought it out so my carrier still hasn’t brought a bonus paper. We’ll see what Monday brings. No paper means I have to call again and this time get angry. I do not like getting angry. But, sometimes being calm and civil doesn’t get me anywhere. I am amazed that the paper came today when they said I had to wait until tomorrow to get today’s paper. Perhaps it was when I said something about my subscription was up this month. Nah… That wouldn’t matter, would it?

Happy Gardening and may all of your readings be worth your while!


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Terrible storms came through during the early morning hours yesterday. Power was out in several areas due to fallen trees and limbs with tens of thousands in the dark-some still without power. Sides of buildings were blown off. Campers and trailers were overturned. Some families were trapped in their homes because of fallen trees but no deaths have been reported.

One of the southern magnolias that lined Magnolia Lane is gone. The beautiful trees date back to the mid 1800s when the Berckmans owned the nursery there if anyone catches my drift. This kind of topsy-turvy weather is not uncommon for this first week of April. Two years ago tornadoes came through leaving 2 people dead during Masters week. Some of the city leaders -one in particular- could not pull themselves away from their entertainment activities to visit the areas left devastated from the overnight storms. I had hoped it wasn’t because the area was not in a very affluent area of town, but I’m sure they would have been there if it had been so. Loyalty is a big thing for me.

I’m still sick-but a little better-baby steps. This is a bad case and I’m not one who easily catches things or keeps them very long. I was behind on all of my stuff and now I am so VERY, VERY behind. Simon is still bouncing off the walls and his appetite is up. He has been eating about twice as much as me. He still has a few more days of meds, but I envy his energy level. This week is not turning out like I had planned at all. 😦

Happy Gardening and may all of your plants grow strong and beautiful!


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They’re here! They’re here! Ok, I really don’t get that excited, but I have to admit that I get a thrill from time to time seeing some of the celebrities that drop into town, some wannabes, and the ones everyone else comes in to see. So, what do these 3 things have in common this week?

From Encoreazalea.com

From Clubcar.com

From Titleist.com

Yeah, you can find these things in many parts of the country but this week these are just some of the sights around town.

Happy Gardening in all of your gardens and may they look at least half as good as the one not far from here!


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I’m not perfect-far from it. The truth-I have done things for which I am deeply ashamed and would like to take many things back or have a redo. Most of us do something in our lives that we regret. These feelings mean that we have developed a conscience and feel remorse. This is a good thing. When we feel regret we are able to sympathize with others and even empathize. When we can have feelings for others we are better able to give care, comfort, and compassion.

There have been questions whether some animals can sympathize but empathy is something else. I can empathize with someone’s situation in the present-especially if I have gone through the same thing or something similar, but I can also empathize for those in the past. AND, furthermore, I can empathize for people in the future because of the pain they will suffer perhaps from cancer or the loss of a loved one for example. This is something an animal cannot do (that we know of) and it sets us apart-rightly so. Feelings of comfort and compassion come from the heart-a true heart. One can only pretend for so long before being found out because we reap what we sow. True fruits are eventually seen good and bad.

Several people tried to cover up what happened to me last year at church and a few even said it was my fault. Though I am not sure how one can issue this type of judgment when they were not there and when this all began with my seeking prayers for my family. Perhaps the man I wrote about was having a bad day. Perhaps there were others things going on, but under no terms should someone engage in confrontation like that and then chase after someone and then leave them on the floor to return to life as usual! There has been an evil presence through all of this though this is only the tip of the iceberg (remember that most of the iceberg is hidden and he had help in his hiding). So, be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. There are many out there. It’s a terrible thing when you cannot trust openly and freely.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt up to a point. Taken in once, shame on them; taken in twice; shame on me. We should not have to worry about these types of things. Church should be where we all come together in a loving environment sharing in our gifts and fruits for others and for one another. We reap what we sow. If we plant healthy seeds in good and fertile soil, we are apt to have a bountiful harvest of good healthy fruit. Yes, I’m a firm believer that those who do not reap good fruit will be found out, and if I told everything about this person you would wonder how he kept his job for so long. ‘Secrets’ can be terrible things and in this case one cannot serve two masters but that’s exactly what he was doing. Thanks for the comments. Forgiveness of his actions is for me and I hope that I will be able to start that process now that there has been a change. Healing, like life, is a process, and I have begun to heal.

Simon (our feline friend) is feeling so good he is bouncing off the walls. He got some mega meds (and mega bucks) and he is doing great (better than me). I’m feeling really raunchy due to the flu. I made it through the winter to catch this. On a good note, my BP was the lowest it has been in 10 months when I visited the doctor yesterday. Prayers have been answered and in more than one way. Take good care of yourselves and of others.

Happy Gardening and may we always treat others how we want to be treated!


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