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Bad Days

Just a quick post to say that I will be away. My computer decided to completely die today 😦 😦 :(. It has died before but was resurrected…not this time.

Happy Gardening in everything no matter how bad things may get!


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It’s Time

from boiled-peanut-world.com

I have my first (and probably only) batch of peanuts boiling for this year. The rest of the family does not like boiled peanuts as much as me, but that’s ok. We must boil some each year—it is a ritual. I remember when living on the farm, I could not wait for the peanuts to fill out enough to eat. I waited all summer. The field that produced the best peanuts was right behind our house-so convenient ;). When they were ready we would pull a bunch, pull off the greens, wash them, and cook them…and cook them more. Yum, yum! One of the worst things about boiled peanuts is all of the salt. I’m not supposed to have salt, but I have to make an exception today. You can cut back on the salt, but what is the fun of that—just kidding? I did cut back about half the amount from usual.

My dad loved them, too, and when the peanuts were finished cooking, we would drain them, put them in an open newspaper, and go to town (eat). The best peanuts to me are the ones that are not quite filled to the end of the pod so they can absorb juice (salty water); soft nuts with an extremely soft shell; and salty. People tend to treat boiled peanuts like fruitcake–they either really like them or not. I like peanuts and fruitcake, by the way. If you want to try your hand at boiling peanuts, please visit http://www.boiled-peanut-world.com/how-to-boil-peanuts.html for all of the information you should need. Bon appétit!

Happy Gardening and may you enjoy all of the treats along the way!


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