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It is new…

I really hate to write this, but we broke down and bought me a new computer yesterday. I am both excited and not excited. I have never had my own new computer-not to use just for me. We cannot afford a new computer right now, but we can-not afford not to have one to keep at the house. I keep track of all of the home things-everything from bill information to who knows what all. So, I am back-kinda, but I will be busy trying to ready things to hopefully sell in effort to recoup part of the money we just spent. When we got home, my husband mentioned that I might want to save the box it came in so we can wrap it for Christmas. I replied, “And, birthday, too.” But, seriously, he was the one who pushed me to get a new one now since the old one has been on its last leg for quite some time. We usually wait until Black Friday to buy electronics, but when we looked at the ad for this week we decided it was not worth the wait-especially since I had been eyeing the model that has been sitting beside this one in the store for a while. This one had been more expensive compared to the one I was looking at.

So, what is different? I do not have to be tethered to the router because my wireless would not work on the other computer.  I can actually put the computer to sleep rather than in hibernation mode. Coaxing it back awake was like waking a child who does not want to arise out of bed in the morning…  There are so many other things that are different, and I am still adjusting–some features I like; some I don’t. I hate technology–the feeling of having to possess all of these things in order to live or survive. I feel like we are so attached and that we are falling into a deep chasm. I know we spent too much, but I am resolving myself to be a better computer steward–through my caring for it AND my time using it. Too often, it is my window to the world, and I let it control me.

Happy Gardening and may your life be as technologically problem-free as humanly possible!


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