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Halloween is coming and today it finally feels like fall again. We have had a few brief cool downs but the A/C is still on and is still running at times (set at 77) - just not as often as during the summer. Temps have been in the upper 80s to low 90s hovering around record highs for this time of year. We usually have cooler temperatures by now, so I am really hopeful that it will be cool for Halloween. 

This photo is from a shirt I bought some years ago. I have been wanting to wear it, but it is long sleeves...I am have been wearing shorts. Speaking of photos, I still do not have the fall photo I wanted to add to the top of my blog. This one is from last year’s trip to the mountains. I hope to get photos on our little jaunt tomorrow. We had big plans for this week, but hubby has spent his vacation in bed with what seems to mimic the flu if it is only a bad cold -- not fun. We are a pair, him with his cold/flu and me with my back. Oh, joy!

Happy Gardening and may your Halloween and other holiday preparations be filled with fun!


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