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The visitation for fallen sheriff’s deputy, J D Paugh will be tonight with his funeral scheduled for tomorrow morning. I do not know how many officers from across the nation are coming, but JD was one of those people who represented the department when an officer was killed elsewhere and he also went to Washington to represent others at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (I really dread that time next year when his name will be inscribed in that memorial-I am assuming it will be next year).

People will come. Yes, people will come. There will representatives from as far away as Nevada and New York, but there will be more. I guarantee it. The church has planned on 1000 seats, but I do not think that will be enough. Flags on all city buildings have been flying at half-staff since Monday and will fly that way through tomorrow. Many businesses followed with the same and surrounding counties (like ours) will fly them at half-staff today and tomorrow. This is big! It is not just because of how he died but for who he was. He has touched so very many lives that I even wonder if he knew. We have had deputies killed in the line of duty, but something like this has not happened in a very long time-not to this extreme-and the outpouring of love and support is seen everywhere.

New details of what exactly happened are still coming forth. Reports have stated that JD was hit at least 9 times but that he was able to get off 3 rounds before a bullet disabled his weapon. He actually hit the guy in one of his arms, but that did not seem to deter the gunman. It is said that the assailant was drunk and fighting with his girlfriend before this all started. It appears that she wanted out of the car that they were riding in and this is when the guy stopped to retrieve his M-4 semi-automatic rifle from the trunk of the car. He was first shooting at passing cars before JD drove up—you can see where the bullets hit the dividing wall on the interstate circled with bright orange paint. I have to drive this section of road about 4-6 times a day during the week. It is not easy to do. The gunman emptied one magazine and loaded another one-firing at least 42 times.  It appears that he made the choice that someone was going to die that night.

Actions like this hurt deputies who are trying to do their job as peace officers. Deputies will now second guess themselves and this can hurt them and someone else.  So you see our actions do count no matter how insignificant we think we are. My last remembrance of JD was when our family was out somewhere-I think we were eating supper about 2 weeks ago-and my hubby’s phone kept going off with text alerts every few minutes. I asked who it was and he remarked, “J-D.” Of course it was JD. Why did I even ask? I hate it now that I complained about it then.

There is no doubt in my mind that JD saved someone’s life that night. We just do not know how many or to what extent. With all of his wrecks and close calls he had, I have to wonder if JD was living on borrowed time. It angers me that his life was taken in such a wasteful manner, but we all know he did what he loved to do. Is this not what we all ask of life? I am really hating this year as far as deaths and sickness with loved ones and family. This year is about as sucky as it gets-my apologies!

JD’s call number, T-31, was officially retired yesterday by the sheriff but it will be symbolically retired tomorrow. What a loss!

Happy Gardening and may we each find our place in life! So long, JD and thanks for your dedication and service!


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