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As we headed to Sam’s Sunday afternoon in our new rental car we watched a tall plume of black smoke rising into the air. It grew larger as we approached the warehouse club. My hubby looked at me and said, “With our luck that will be Sam’s.” I agreed. We have been affected by so many things lately. It is like a lucky horseshoe has been turned upside down or that the big black cloud that has been hovering over us is getting larger (think Ghostbusters, the movie).

Some of you know that we had an incident happen over the weekend. Hubby usually works Saturday nights, but after JD died he wanted to spend this Saturday night at home with family. Nothing big was planned, but we decided on picking up a pizza and bringing it home. I did not want to pull something out of the freezer to cook. Now, we could have gotten a pizza just down the road at Papa John’s, but we opted for a Pizza Hut pizza. We could have had it delivered but we wanted to go and pick it up. Like I said, we never have Sat nights to spend together. So, off the two of us went, and the following words were repeated over and over the rest of the night…“We were just going to get a pizza…. We were just going to get a pizza….”

As we were riding down the road, we were enjoying our time together. The sun was beginning to set. It was a nice night. Before leaving the house, I had stopped to get the mail and saw a letter and church bulletin I wanted to read in the car while hubby went in to pick up the pizza. That was the plan. As we were puttering down the road we were crossing a busy intersection—we had the green light so no problems, right? Wrong! Oh, so wrong. All of a sudden I saw bright headlights heading right for us. It was all so quick. A car/SUV hit us on hubby’s side. We had our seatbelts on—always, but I felt my fanny leave the seat and I’m not sure the car front did not leave the pavement a little. Any other time, the passenger restraint will lock into place and you cannot budge. I could not believe we were hit! It did not seem that brakes were applied by the other driver at all and he said he did not see us. The girls were back at home waiting for us to get back (with a pizza) and when they heard this, they wanted to know how. We have the kind of headlights that people are always flashing their headlights at me because they think I have my brights on—the brights make made the car even brighter. We have had running lights on all the time, but it was dark enough to have our brights on, so I do not how he could not see us or if that was just what he said.

Hubby and I just looked at each other in severe disbelief when this happened. He could not get out of the car and I could not move. He wanted to access the situation and see if I was ok. I was visibly shaken and in pain and in such disbelief. My glasses went flying-probably when I went flying so I could not see either. A lady came over and checked me and held my hand until help arrived. She was so nice. She was a nurse and I think her husband gave a witness statement that the other person was in the wrong. Police cars came, the firetruck arrived, and the ambulance came. Ok. It was a while before my BP was taken and it was 230 something over about 120. The paramedics thought there was something wrong with their equipment, so they took it again. It actually went up the second time around — probably because they told me what my BP was and the realization of what had just happened was beginning to sink in. I told them about my AVM and you could see TRAUMA written in their eyes much like in the old cartoons. I wanted to go home and block out everything, but everyone except me thought I needed a ride to the hospital in the ambulance–on a board with a neck brace—not fun!

I still cannot believe this happened. I was transported to the ER on a backboard. I was already in so much pain and being strapped to it was awful. I was having trouble in the ambulance and they would not allow hubby to ride in the back, so I asked if the EMT would hold my hand for a minute. He obliged–I hope hubby didn’t mind. I finally got pain pills about an hour after we arrived at the hospital and my BP began to drop. I was so worried and could not do a thing–could not even see anything. My hubby took care of me, held my hand, made calls, everything, and got us home. Then there was the x-ray tech who tried to drive my stretcher into almost every wall and doorframe there was-as if I wasn’t in enough pain.

Hubby was hurt on his shoulder and had some bumps and bruises, but we are both doing better. It turned out that we know the guy who hit us but do not know why he did not stop. We did not need this. I don’t know what is going to happen. We were already between a rock and a hard place. I know one thing, I am going to scream when I discover who broke that mirror… 🙂  Just kidding—this is my way of dealing. We have had enough bad things happen lately. It is time for an upswing.

Thoughts—– What if the car hit further back? Where it hit was at the front tire where the tire, frame, and engine stopped the other car. Just a foot or two back and my husband may not be alive today. With all of what has happened, what if hubby had gone by himself? I cannot answer these questions. I can only say that even though this has happened, we were very lucky and extremely blessed. And, we got to spend a lot of one-on-one time that night 🙂 —just not the time we wanted.

Happy Gardening and may we all keep our umbrellas close so that we might shield ourselves from the bad things in life!


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