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Fall Color

Two weeks ago (Friday), we all loaded up in the family vehicle (the one that now sits in a tow yard) and headed for the mountains (…I miss my car!). The plan (our my plan about a year ago) was to spend a few nights in the mountains during hubby’s vacation, but several things interrupted our plans. To compensate, we opted for a day out. We drove up to Vogel State Park for lunch. It was a bit cold, but not as cold as the last time we tent camping there in the ice and snow and a wind that would tear right through you. The snow wasn’t anything big—just enough to scare me into wondering … what if we wake up to a foot of snow — in a tent?

We love it there. It is right off the Appalachian Trail. In fact, there is a trail that leads to the AT from the park. There is a very nice lake, waterfall, etc. It is so peaceful. The leaves were peaking – past the point where I really like, but this is the area where that guy kidnapped Meredith Emerson (posting: Is it safe?). We have not been there since not long before she was abducted.

It was a beautiful day—cold but beautiful. We stopped in Cleveland to pick up some subs to go with the rest of the food and drinks we had packed for our picnic. As an afterthought, hubby said maybe we should have grilled. That would have been nice but too much trouble in my opinion. After all, we only had a day. While in Cleveland, we noticed that Babyland General Hospital–the clinic that Xavier Roberts moved into years ago with his Cabbage Patch Kids–was up for sale and being foreclosed on. We took the girls there a few times when they were little. Once, they had a newborn Cabbage Patch baby named for them. They were tickled–mom was tickled, too. Babyland is not the cute and quaint place it used to be…Babyland General at cabbagepatchkids.com.

The girls wanted to adventure out around the lake so off they went leaving us a little quiet time. It was so nice to visit but I would have liked to stay overnight. We have not tent camped in quite a while. I’m not even sure I am able. We have been doing more cabin camping which does not count as camping in my book. Then we drove over to Helen. The trip there was beautiful. I love yellow leaves in the fall, and as we drove along the side of the mountains, we drove under canopies of yellows and oranges with the sun filtering through. It was beautiful and very relaxing.

Back in the early 70s, there was a little town that was about disappear until they came together and changed their town into an alpine looking village. It has not been the same since. Weekends in October bring hoards of people, but we were planning on exiting before the bulk of the crowd arrived. We had a nice walk around town. My big purchase of the day was some chapstick. Wow! Usually, we get fudge (YUM!) and eat at a German restaurant, but we opted to save our money and those extra calories. Then we ventured onward to eat dinner and do some shopping at an outlet mall.

We had a very good day. Hubby began feeling worse about half-way through the day but he toughed it out. I’m so thankful we had this time together even if most of the time was spent in the car. It was the absolute calm before the storm because nothing could have prepared us for what happened that next night or the week after.

Happy Gardening and may you enjoy the seasons wherever you are!


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