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Dolls (& Bears)

Back when I was young, I remember my mom sewing doll clothes for the Salvation Army. She would sew and dress dolls that were given to needy children at Christmas. I began that same project when my kids were little—not long after my mom passed away. I think it was a way to fight through the depression I was going through at the time. Every spring I would pick up my ‘naked’ dolls, and then I sewed clothes during the year returning them all dressed and “doodied up” about Thanksgiving. I did this for several years. Then, the Salvation Army started carrying bears, so I did half dolls and half bears. I really enjoyed doing this because it was a lot like making costumes and it was a way for me to remember my mother.

I designed patterns for dolls and bears. Each one was unique. Some of the clothes were mid-length skirts with blouses, some were saris, some long skirts, some pants… No two outfits were alike. Even if the patters were the same, the cloth I used wasn’t.  I really liked the hats, kerchiefs, and other coverings, too. As I sewed, I often thought of the girl who would receive each one, what their situation was and how a doll might help them. I tried to give each doll and bear its own personality. I hope they brought hope to the eyes of the children who received them. I tried to take photos every year, but I was only able to find a few years so far – no bears, but I have not gotten to the big stash of photos yet.

Happy Gardening and may all of your creations make someone happy!


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