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Saying goodbye to Oz

image from AP via WSB-TV

My heart is saddened to learn that Karl Slover has passed away. Maybe you have seen this news or know who he was but in case not…  Karl Slover was one of the ‘Munchkins’ from the movie version of the Wizard of Oz. In fact, he played the part of one of the trumpeters. When you see his photo, you have to remember him from the movie. If not the shortest, he was one of the shortest. I think it is amazing that he has lived this long in such good health.

Over the years, I would see write-ups and news clips about his appearances in the area. In fact, he was here just last summer for a special event. I never went to see him as I would find out after the events had passed, but it did my heart good to know that these individuals-the last surviving ‘Munchkins, Karl especially-found a way to make their mark after the film.

As another personality is gone from our grasp, the door is quickly closing on an era that even pre-dates me. How very sad to know that life seems to be slipping away for so many. It is like water draining in the bathtub—it seems to speed up the closer it gets to the end. Below are links to two articles about Karl Slover, born Karl Kosiczky. Thanks for blessing our world, Mr Slover. Way to go and so long.

On his death and life.

On his visit last year.

So, who is your favorite character or actor from the Wizard of Oz? Do you have one?

Happy Gardening!


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Years ago, I had a friend who lived across the street from us. She and her family had moved into the neighborhood not long after we moved in. Our girls played together but she and I were closer than our children were. She was very family oriented and liked to collect things that gave her home that warm and friendly feel, so I designed this quilt hanging for her—I love this material.

This was not a difficult project, but I chose to use plaid for the lettering (I see those eyes roll). It took extra time to match up the pieces, and I wanted it to look just right. It was machined pieced and hand quilted with a heart motif on the border. It was about 14 inches wide and about 46 inches long (just guessing). This is a terrible photo and my apologies, but it was scanned from a photo taken years ago.

This was my second quilted wall hanging I made after I was married. Anything I quilted before is lost to memory with no photos. I designed it and was very pleased with it except for the time it took to piece together the letters. I have often thought I would repeat this project but never have—not even for me.

As for the friend, she has moved on years ago. We kept in contact for years but sadly have since lost touch. I miss her, but life goes on.

Happy Gardening and may you find the time to WELCOME new friends into your life!


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