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My hubby and I probably go to Sam’s Club about once a month-maybe more during the holidays. I don’t like giving the Waltons a good chunk of my money, but I like to go to Sam’s at this time of year and here is why. Sam’s has all sorts of special inventory, and I could not believe what I saw last weekend (and bought). Just by chance a great big bottle (by my standards) of McCormick’s pure vanilla extract—a 16 oz bottle – came into my view. I checked the price and saw that it was a little over $6. I had to check again to see if it was pure vanilla extract and if it was the real McCormick’s and not some off brand say like McCormack’s. I checked two more times, and it was 16 ounces. I don’t like buying something I don’t really need, but I try to buy things on sale that I know we need and will use. Some people call me cheap but I like to think I am “spend-thrifty.”I have a 1 oz-bottle of McCormick’s real vanilla extract that I purchased for about $3-4 not long ago, so the Sam’s price was a “steal” in my opinion. Yeah, I know that the reason the price is so high everywhere else is probably because it is sold for so cheap at Sam’s and that other place I dislike to shop—you know, WM.

Almond extract, same size bottle, was double the price. Christmas is the only time of year that I use almond extract and that is when I make sugar cookies. They are the melt in the mouth kind, but they take the most time to prepare. I considered getting a bottle, but I could not talk myself into getting it since there was so much of it. I feel like it would be a waist, or else I would have to make lots of sugar cookies – not in my plans.

One of the things I wanted to get this trip was a 50 lb bag of long grain rice. Yes, 50 lbs. When we unloaded the car, I felt like we were going back to the days on the farm. I’m not trying to stock up, but I want to use this in a project for Christmas or even after. Dreamz Happen Quiltz made a posting about rice bag feet warmers a while back and I was hooked—more on that later. I thought I would make one for each member of the family, some for my in-laws and family, and some for friends. I bought material for this project the other week when printed flannel was on sale. The store was nice enough to send me a 25% off coupon off everything with a few exceptions but it included sale items. How could I not take advantage? Now that I have the rice, I am committed. And, if I don’t make the rice bags, my family may just commit me to the loony bin because I have nowhere to store a great big bag of rice. I just could not pass on the rice at less than $20 for the bag—50 pound bag…

So, how did everything measure up?

Pure vanilla – 43 cents an ounce. That is good considering it would normally be about $3 or more per ounce.

Rice – about 40 cents a pound. I’m not sure what the going rate is but I guess it would be somewhere around $2 per pound—just guessing.

Flannel (for rice bag covers; not purchased as Sam’s) – about $2.25 per yard. The regular price was over $6 per yard.

Not so bad for things we needed.

Costco just built a store here and opened this week. We are still discussing a membership. While I was visiting their website the other day I discovered that Costco sells caskets – of all things. I knew they sold designer wedding dresses and diamond rings, but caskets? Really? It’s not like the average Joe can embalm and all so I am at a loss. On this thought, I was 16 when I picked out my first casket-I still remember. Then I don’t know if I had a say in the one when I was 21, but I have picked out 2 more since and said I was done (thinking I will be the next to go). And, did you know that you can get a casket spray of roses from Costco? I thought I would share because you just never know. 🙂

Happy Gardening and may your day be brighter than when you first arrived!


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Simon News

Just because I have not been blogging about Simon does not mean that he has been any less of an interest in our lives. He is ever present. Remember how Simon would tear into his catfood bags? Well, I curtailed this by putting his food into an old cereal container (came with cereal from a wholesale club) as soon I got home. I think it is appropriate with Tony the Tiger plus his dry food plate is a dark orange.  Well, I was not feeling well last night so see what was waiting for me this morning…

See that big hole? He even tore through the plastic bag it was in and I reuse my plastic bags.

I had a time trying to get these photos taken because Simon kept pushing the container around. I have seen him attempt to pick the container up with both paws—I kid you not!

Simon had been enjoying his mornings looking out his storm doors. In the utility room which houses our washer, dryer, freezer, water heater, tools and such (I used to sew in there at one point in time), I had a storage tub Simon would sit on in front of the opened door. It was part of our every morning ritual. If it was cool or warm enough, I would open the top part of the screen on the storm door and put the tub in front of the door. He likes liked to hear his friends as well as see them. That time has come to an end because even though I have the water heater blocked off (it does not have its own enclosure), Simon has his unique way of climbing and/or tunneling to get to the water heater. It is gas, so I don’t want him around it for everyone’s safety.

Simon has become much more vocal the past month or so. And, he is louder when he sees birds and does that thing with his jaws. I think he really wants to communicate with us. He has been sleeping upstairs more but not on the bed. And, he has been sleeping with his main human more. He still has not learned the meaning of ‘NO,’ but some humans never learn it so why should I expect so much from  a cat? There have been more things going on like Simon standing on his 2 back feet to get to the top shelf of the Welch dresser, but who wants to bring up bad things now?

Note:  I could not get a good photo of him today, but he has put on more weight and seems to be healthier. That’s a good thing!

Until next time…Happy Scratching!


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