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Traditional or other?

This is usually the time when I start getting excited about Thanksgiving dinner which is not really dinner in our house-not usually. Sometimes it is served as lunch anywhere around 11-ish to 3-ish or is truly dinner around 6-ish. I am not excited because it is too hot, way too HOT—yeah, that broken record is back on.  I had hoped the hot weather was behind us at least for this year but we have been in the 80s with a degree shy of record heat, again.  It didn’t make me feel better to learn that our winter forecast is for warmer than usual temps through February—I guess someone thought this was news?

For our Thanksgiving meal, we sometimes have the traditional ham or turkey or both. One year, we had two (2) turkeys AND a ham. I bought a cooked turkey from Mr Sam’s. I also baked a ham with my pineapple-brown sugar topping, but I guess my mother-in-law didn’t think that was enough as she brought an Indiana bird with her for me to cook, too. We opened the ice chest from her trip and yes, there it was…another Tom Turkey. SURPRISE!!!! She also brought 5 or 6 mouths to feed in addition to our small crew. People laugh, but I like it when we barbeque ribs on the grill for our meal because I don’t have to spend all of the time in the kitchen. Going non-traditional is just fine. Who said traditional meant turkey? My family growing up did ham for T-giving and turkey for Christmas. Today, we still have die-hards who love my dressing and sweet potato casserole—I’m one of those, too, but I can do it any old way…with ham or turkey or both or neither.

So, what’s on our menu this year…

  • Turkeya nice plump juicy Butterball cooked in a cooking bag…no stuffing except for onions 🙂
  • Cornbread dressinga recipe passed down from my mother
  • Sweet potato casserolea local recipe I began making about 20 years ago
  • Mashed potatoesfor those who do not like sweet potatoes (Hubby)
  • Baby lima beans
  • Corn on the cob
  • Fruitnot yet decided
  • Saladnot yet decided…maybe a fruit salad?
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Rollsprobably not my yummy Frigidaire (yeast) rolls 😦
  • Pies

We have never had issues with turkey leftovers and I have wondered why there is so much ado about them. We absolutely love turkey so we usually have it twice the day it is cooked with enough for maybe 2-3 meals afterwards depending on the size of the bird. I love this type of turkey on a sandwich, too.

So, do you have a traditional Thanksgiving meal, and if you cook a turkey, do you stuff your bird with stuffing or something else?

Hope everyone’s plans are working out for this Thanksgiving! I know I am so blessed to live to see another Thanksgiving and am thankful that we can provide a nice meal for our family when so many cannot.

Happy Gardening!


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