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For the first time in several years I did not awake at 2 am or earlier trying to beat the crazies (yes, I know I have been one). When our girls were young, my Christmas shopping was complete by the close of business Labor Day all except for the little things like Christmas candy and such that at the time were not put out until just before Thanksgiving (now it is before Halloween). The first time I dared to Black Friday shop (and I mean when the doors open) was to get our first cordless phone from all places but Walmart. The crowds were nothing like today’s crowds (or last night’s crowds), but Hubby thought I had lost my mind. That was all we bought and I was so proud that we actually got what we went for.

Neither my husband nor I like crowds. I know why I don’t… Back in one of my previous lives I worked for an eating establishment at the mall—with an outside entrance. The day after Thanksgiving was usually our biggest sales day of the year. There were years where I worked almost 40 hours in two days. Yep, and it wasn’t just sitting around-it was hard work. It was insane! But…I was so much younger.

In more recent years my hubby, the girls, and I would get up and stand in line for electronic items—Christmas for the family. Target was the store of choice except last year everything we wanted was already taken, so we headed to Staples. We I  always had a plan—knew exactly what we needed wanted and each person had a cheat sheet with their particular item they were in charge of. It was fun bonding time, but this year we slept in for several reasons…one, the stores opened earlier with some not opening til 5 or 6 AM–I refused to stay up all night. Two, our pre-Christmas funds are really low nonexistent (the piggy has been broken due to my computer dying and the car murder crash). And, lastly, I did not think there was much of an offering that I would stand in line for. Well, not all of us stayed home this year. My youngest went with a friend to WM last night and then to Target. I hear that she got ruffled and tussled at WM. It is all insane!

While there is so much focus on purchases this holiday season, I would like to ask that we be more attuned to giving of and from the heart that costs us little to nothing out of our pockets.

Happy Gardening and may your holidays be filled with fun and good cheer now and throughout the year!


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