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Looking NW toward city hall and Talmadge Memorial Bridge

I love Savannah—so much rich history; so many things to do and see. I have always felt a connection because I spent quite a bit of time here through the years. My father was born here; my grandmother (Lillian) and my grandfather lived here; and, even before that, my great-grandfather (Lillian’s father) shopped here. There is just something about this place. After not visiting for quite a while, we went for a very brief trip Saturday. I had promised a visit to my dad’s first cousin but since it was a last minute decision to go I had not called ahead—next time!

Propes Hall

If you have never been to Savannah, you might want to check it out. The city sits just west of the mouth of the Savannah River, the same river that lies a few miles away from us today. Established in 1733, Savannah has ample colonial history predating the American Revolution. The area is especially beautiful in spring when the Azaleas are in bloom. Plants seem to exude romance on every corner and square and if not romance, the feeling of value and worth is certainly present. I’ll have to write more about Savannah, perhaps later. If one can have a love affair with a city, Savannah would be mine (except that it is hotter and more humid than where we live).

We strolled down River Street Saturday afternoon to see some of the shops and the market that lies along the river. This district was restored and revitalized in the 1970s and has helped the city to thrive. Then, we stopped at the Boar’s Head for a late lunch. It is probably my favorite place to eat on River Street, but I could spend several posts just talking about the food in Savannah-past and present.

These are some of the sights from our trip.

Tour boat

Handmade baskets at the market

I wanted to see the boat parade that night but we opted to trek out to Tybee—to the beach (Tybee Island).

Boats setting up for parade


The sun was setting as we drove out across the marshlands and every time I go, I remember my childhood as we would drive out to the beach—so much excitement—memories with family—anticipation. It’s about 15 miles through marsh and islands and there is so much to see along the way. Sorry, there are no photos of the trip out there but here is one of the pier. It was darker that it appears in this photo, but this is looking northward where you can see the large cargo ships coming and going into port.

While at the beach, I like to collect a few shells (or pieces) though Savannah/Tybee is no Sanibel.

We wrapped up our trip by stopping by the mall on the way out of town. It was sad to say goodbye, but we had to get back that night. It was fun to get away. Maybe we will take another trip soon, but next time we have to visit friends and relatives. If someone were to ask me what I liked the best about Savannah, I could not answer except for the feeling I get when I am there.

Happy Gardening!


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