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Continuing with some more of my Christmas projects…

We used the small tabletop tree this past year hoping Simon would not attack it or kill it, and we waited until the last minute to put it up. It was a good thing we waited because he tried to climb it; he chewed the lights; he chewed the cords; he chewed the tree; he chewed the ornaments; he batted at the ornaments… I guess he did pretty well meaning this was his first Christmas with us.

I wanted something different to put on the top of the tree this year and found a Finnish star project online here. Mine is plain and white, but hey, I like it.

Funny thing about the tree… We were having to defend it from Simon and were scared to leave him home alone with it, but when we got up the next morning after we had it up and decorated, the top string of lights was not working. Naturally, I thought Simon was to blame, but after much searching we found a loose bulb. Simon wasn’t to blame after all. I apologized to him, but I don’t think he understood. Remember, he IS a cat… 🙂

Happy Gardening and may our pets always know how much we love them!


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