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Last year I made a post about how the forsythia bush around the corner from our house was in full bloom the first week of February in 2011 (SEE Anticipation). We had a really cold winter last year, not just a few cold nights and then warm up and repeat… It was bitterly cold for extended periods of time and it snowed last year. Bitterly for here means in the single digits with highs below freezing. This year, we have barely been in the freezing temps (for lows)—well, there was one night in the teens, but it was back into the 60s in no time—not our usual winter, but most people have not had their usual winter.

That same forsythia bush was almost in full bloom on the 12th of January this year and we are still waiting for winter to arrive. Many trees are pushing into their pre-bud stage. Historically, our coldest times are in January and February, but the long-range outlook still shows warmer than normal temps. I so needed a cooler winter after the hottest summer we have ever had (recorded), and we needed it to kill off some of the bugs. As it stands, we are in bad shape come spring and summer. On the other hand, I am still trying to make up for all of the money we paid to the power company trying to keep us semi-cool.

Oh, well. We take what we are dealt and need to find good in it in some way. Happy Gardening and hopefully, your plans for your spring gardens are underway!


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