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Today is the DAY!

Remember that cute little girl in those pics last month-the one with the blond hair? Well, she had 8 teeth pulled over 2 years ago with braces put on right afterwards. I was horrified that my baby had to go through such an ordeal. All of the wire changes, rubber bands, adjustments, etc. will come to an end today because my baby is getting her braces off!!!!  Yippy! We are off to the orthodontist in a bit to get them removed and have the last impression made for her retainer. I think she thought this day would never arrive. I thought it wouldn’t.

I hope she looks great and is happy with the way she looks as in, I hope this helps her. It has been a little rough at times, but I hope it has all been worth it. So, Happy Smiles to you today and wish us luck!


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