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Remember how I said the forsythia bushes are blooming? Well, while we have been awaiting winter, spring snuck in somehow. We are having our first nasty thunderstorm of 2012 and are in a tornado watch until later tonight. I guess I should give up on winter and begin to look forward to spring but that means that the hot temperatures are closer than I want to think about.

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In other “news,” did anyone see the video where a truck was being removed from the trestle that goes across the Savannah River? I hear that made national news. Some drunk-oh, excuse me-allegedly drunk guys were trying to cross the river on the trestle and hit one of the supports. The word idiot comes to mind but I don’t want to endanger the reputation of these fine individuals :). This reminds me of the man who took that trip through the mall that time. People! Please wake up!

And, on a lousy note, I just got word last night that someone I know and admire a bunch has just discovered she has lupus. She has a tremendous heart and has been helping others after the death of another individual. In fact, she is one of my support individuals. When my health was taking a nose dive and my doctor wasn’t listening, she told me that she wished I lived closer so she could take me to her neurologist. I hope and pray that she can be treated in the best possible way and that she has the support to carry her through all of this.

Life is sucky at times, but we must do all we can to help others. And, for those who make terrible decisions to drink and drive-please learn that this is not the way to do. It doesn’t just damage you and your property but it harms others and costs the taxpayers money.

I have really been enjoying all of the snow pictures from those of you who received snow this week. I am so envious!!! I will have to settle for my little snow scenes on my blog I guess.

Happy Gardening and may your weekend be everything you wish it to be!


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