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This is a re-posting from from 27 JAN 2011 (link). It is one of my better posts. I hope you enjoy.

FOREVER; what does it mean? To a child, forever is a lifetime-all the way to next week or next year. To a teenager, forever can mean being grounded until they reach 16 or maybe even 21. To a couple in love, forever can mean spending an eternity together-for the rest of their lives. To a married couple of 20 years, forever means they are almost half way there. And, for a married couple of 50 years forever means that they have already spent an eternity together.

Infinity Symbol - a sign of FOREVER

Today, forever does not mean much. A life sentence for murder without special circumstance means forever is usually 20 years or less. To a couple marrying for the first time, forever is a long time, but too often forever lasts about 6 years; more if they are lucky and so often it is even less. But, does luck have anything to do with forever? Is forever only a state of mind? Forever can be a long time if one is not happy. On the other hand, if one is content with life and his or her situation, forever can fly by without realizing it.

Forever and commitment. We cannot get very far down the road of life without commitment(s). Today, a couple who is just getting married is likely to give up and throw in the towel when things get rough rather than stay together, or it seems that way. I’m not saying divorce is wrong in all situations. I just think we enter into relationships without making commitments. We want to leave the door unlatched so we can make a quick escape. Since there is nothing there to stop us, we let things go too easily.

Maybe it’s because commitment scares people. Even before marriage vows are exchanged, young people today are more interested in “hooking up” or having “one-nighters” – you know what I’m talking about. We have become so enthralled with the moment-searching for what makes us feel good-that we opt out of the long-haul or sometimes even a casual relationship. “One-nighters” really means a person is out for oneself, whereas, commitment is for two people. Couples will not last if they are selfish and are only in it for him or herself (one or the other; or both separately). In other words, foreverin love will never happen unless someone allows the other to be first. This is called selfLESS love. Afterall, that’s what commitment is all about, isn’t it?

Happy Gardening in your relationships of life!


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Just in case…

I am going to try and keep up with comments and posts on my blog but in case I don’t, please do not be surprised. If you would, please offer a prayer for my family. Thank you. Please take care and may your gardens flourish everywhere you plant.


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