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When we do not move we stagnate. I think of stinky, stagnate water as I write this. Sometimes streams or waterways become dammed-impassible-which causes the old water or waste water to accumulate without allowing the fresh water to flow in. A foul and pungent smell is in the air. This smell will continue until everything is flowing again.

We must try and move forward even through the worst of times. We must try to become better individuals seeking to improve daring not to slip back stream into the more stagnant of places. Sometimes we find comfort in stagnation-no change, but this is not healthy. Just like the heart that pumps our blood all through our body in order to revive the old and expel the waste, we need to renew ourselves.

Nature is so alive even in the dead of winter. This world—the natural part—shows us how we should live our lives if we would only pay attention. Seek what is good and let the good things flow through you in order to revive and live again.

May your garden be happy always!


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